About this Site

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

How this site was made

Although this site is nothing special, I made it in a way that eases maintenance for me - its main purpose is publishing mostly textual information to students, and I wanted to do it in the most simple and efficient way.

First, I decided I wanted to use markdown rather than editing HTML directly, or using a CMS which stores the information/text in some obscure way making it hard to backup, version or reuse content.

Github Pages offer a great solution to what I wanted based on Markdown and Jekyll. Also, just pushing to the repository to github triggers a site build and deployment to the github servers.

  • Source for this Site - if you find a typo and want to let me know the cool way, send me a pull request. But be beware, you might find content there that is not yet meant to be published - especially the exercises from former semesters. Don’t start working on them, I might decide to change them and they don’t become official before I link them from the classes’ page!

This site is also deployed to https://home.htw-berlin.de/~kleinen/.


This site uses Jekyll as site generator - producing a static HTML site out of markdown sources and layout templates.

  • Jekyll

  • On Github, Jekyll is triggered automatically on each push to the repository https://github.com/bkleinen/bkleinen.github.io and publishes the page to https://bkleinen.github.io
  • for publishing to https://home.htw-berlin.de/~kleinen/I use this script: _bin/deploy-htw.sh
  • locally, I run

      jekyll serve --drafts to have the site served on localhost:4000 and automatically rebuilt on every file save.
  • kramdown: For Markdown Processing, kramdown is used.

HTML Proofing

I use the HTML proofer gem to check for broken links. HTML::Proofer is called via rake, and a travis configuration performes the tests automatically if pushed to github. See the Rakefile and the travis config file .travis.yml for specifics.

Sass preprocessing

To ease working on the css stylesheets, I also use Sass preprocessing.

As of Jekyll 2.2.0, this is part of jekyll. So I updated my site to use the built-in Sass support. To do so, only the sass/scss files go into /css and need to start with the following lines to trigger the files beeing handled by jekyll:


all included files needed to be moved to the _sass subdirectory.

  • https://jekyllrb.com/docs/assets/
  • https://sass-lang.com/tutorial.html
  • https://de.selfhtml.org for css basics


I’ve followed this tutorial to integrate Bootstrap with this site: https://simpleit.rocks/how-to-add-bootstrap-4-to-jekyll-the-right-way/ The basic steps are:

  • bootstrap css should be compiled from sass to enable theming, and the sass integration of jekyll should be used for that.