Color Inspector 3D

Color Manipulation

The sliders shown above allow a color manipulation of the image. The effects on the 3D color distribution are shown after releasing the sliders.

Contrast and brightness modifications are performed in the RGB color space.
The change of the saturation and the rotation of the chrominance is performed in the HSL color space.


The pixel values are changed by adding the amount set by the "Brightness" to the R, G, and B values.
(default: 0)


The contrast of the RGB values is changed by applying the factor of the "contrast" slider according to the formula:
R' = (R-128)*k + 128
(same for G' and B'),
k is the contrast factor which can be set to values from 0 to 256.
(default: 1)


The saturation of the image is changed by multiplying the S value (of the HSL representation) with a factor which can be set wit the "Saturation" slider. The factor may be set to values from 0 to 4.
A scaling factor of 0 will lead to a gray scale image.
(default: 1)

Color Rotation

The hue value of the HSL color is changed by the angle set by the "Color Rotation " slider. The rotation angle may be set from -180 to 180 degrees.
(default: 0°)

A double click on a slider resets the slider to its default value.




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