Color Inspector 3D

Menu Commands


Open ...
JPEG, GIF, TIF and PNG images may be opened. For huge images the processing speed may be slow.
Open Sample Images

Typical example images may be opened.
Save Visualization
The 3D visualization of the color space may be saved as tiff image.
Reset Color Manipulation
All color manipulations are reset by this command. All color manipulations do not affect the original data of the opened image.
Terminates Color Inspector 3D.



Color ( )
If checked, the image color distribution is shown using the original color values on gray background. If unchecked, the image color distribution is shown using black pixels on a white background.
Axes ( )
If checked, axes are shown.
Legend ( )
If checked, text is shown.
Automatic Rotation ( )
If checked the color space starts rotating automatically, this may be stopped with a mouse click. If the mouse is released while dragging the mouse, the cube keeps rotating.
Fit Image to frame ( )
Large images are scaled to fit to the left frame. If unchecked, the image is shown at original size with scroll bars.
The program language may be set to german.



displays this manual.
shows the version of the program.

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